At the Sauce Bar

Tartar Sauce - made in house and probably the best you've ever had

Hot Sauce - no one can do it better than Crystal

Ketchup - no reason to reinvent that!

Buttermilk Ranch - made in house with fresh herbs and Greek yogurt

Boss Sauce - A little creamy, a little sweet, a little spicy. It's your favorite sauce's favorite sauce.

Ever wonder why it's called Boss Sauce anyway? Founder & CEO Donna Lee used to throw a few sauces together every time she sat down for a quick lunch at the original Brown Bag Seafood location. Finally, she stumbled upon the perfect combination - just the right amount of sweet, spicy and creamy. After months of watching Donna delight in her secret sauce, a crew member asked, "When does everyone get to have this sauce, Boss?" The first bottle of Boss Sauce hit the sauce bar the next day, and the recipe remains exactly what we batch today.

Sauce Me!

Sesame-Soy Sriracha - spicy and savory Asian-inspired sauce with a kick

Golden Ginger Lime - slightly creamy with a hint of curry that packs a punch

Supergreen Garlic & Herb - a bright sauce of fresh herbs and garlic

Housemade Dressings

Lemon Vinaigrette - balanced, light, and citrusy - it agrees with everything

Creamy Ginger - zesty, slightly creamy and bright

Sesame Soy - light, umami and addictive

Buttermilk Ranch - with fresh herbs and Greek yogurt