Our Story

Why Settle?

Every bite you consume should please you.  Brown Bag Seafood Co. was developed to bring you responsibly sourced food, cooked on site, that is tasty and healthful.  When our founder studied the food landscape at the time, she quickly realized there was an opportunity to share a love for fresh fish in an accessible format, quickly and affordably.  She put her pen to paper, got some friends and family together, and after many late nights debating the right font, the perfect shade of blue or the most effective ice machine, the first Brown Bag Seafood Co. was born in May of 2014.

Our Mission

Have Fun. Live Clean.

Its simple.  Our mission is to improve your day.  We want you to feel good about the choices you make and feel better when you leave than when you arrived.  We might achieve this because your belly is happy and you'll be comfortable when you arrive back at your desk, it might be Johnny's jokes from behind the kitchen line that cause you to crack a smile, or it might be feeling transported to your favorite coast in the middle of a brutal winter day that provides that deep breath to better manage your twin toddlers.  Whatever does it for you, you can always depend on us for a hot meal and smile (both responsibly sourced of course.)

Our Team

Donna Lee

Brown Bag Seafood Co. is Donna's first venture.  After years in the restaurant industry, both fine dining and fast casual managment, Donna developed a recipe to provide fresh fish to the masses.  She thrives on time with her team, recipe development and optimizing the system she has created with the professionals who support Brown Bag.  While her experience in service and operations serves as the backbone for daily operations, her family's support and diverse range of talents have been instrumental in branding, real estate development and perhaps above all else, in providing a constant source of inspiration.  Her favorite meal is a Salmon Teriyaki Powerbox with her signature sauce "Boss Sauce" on the side. 

The Crew

 We take food quality seriously, guest service seriously, and, well...not much else.  Life is too short!